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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fun and Baptisms

August 27, 2012
Hello everyone!

This has been a fairly crazy week so I guess we'll run it down then go from there.

Mon: A P-Day filled with some great soccer and general awesomeness.

Tue: Not sure if I already talked about Brian, he was a reference from his aunt who is a member in our ward and has been progressing splendidly and on Tuesday we challenged him to baptism for Sept. 1. He's a great kid and it's been a lot of fun teaching him and ending the change with his baptism will be great.

Wed: Accompanied Manco Capac to an appointment and helped them set up their baptism.

Thu:  Working in the sector and doing the general stuff.

Fri: Baptismal interviews and the like. A great day that was only smudged by the fact that rainy season has now started in Puno.

Sat:  Helped get a few baptisms ready and good to go.

Sun: We found ourselves doing what we normally do on Saturdays today, helping with baptisms! It's always fun being able to help the companionships pull it off great with everything ready to go when it needs to be. Though sometimes it's a bit of a hassle it always gives a great tone to the day.

In the end we ended this month okay, but it could have been better, which we are seriously hoping for in September.

Well that does it for now, till next week!

 --Elder Will Sowards


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