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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quick thoughts

July 23, 2012

Hi everyone!

This message comes a bit late due to a power outage here in Puno that started last night around 10ish and just ended (it's about 5 now). Hope everything is going well for all of you and with and that you don't have a nearly 20 hour power outage in Phoenix or whatever hot place you might be in.

This week was interesting with some high and lows. To start out the week the zone wasn't exactly in the best place number wise and Elder Aldave and I found ourselves doing all we could to help in any way that we could. It felt good to help them out, and it helped a lot. The zone is now about where it should be and we are mega-psyched for the next change.  In the sector we are still working with Wilson and a few other people who I am sure will be baptised in August but to end July without one, well it makes you think. I remember and I don't know if I ever mentioned it here but I've realized that sometimes the success or lack thereof that we might have at a time is just temporary, we will be blessed in the long run. I really learned this in Cusco where Elder Uriarte and I didn't have a lot of success in the sector but the zone had more baptisms than any other time in it's history as a part of Mission Peru Cusco.  We are here sometimes to reap and sometimes to sow but there is always something to do and always some kind of way that we can help in the work.

Changes where this week too and with Elder Aldave finishing his mission I find myself one more change here in Bellavista. It's great to be here and I know it's where the Lord wants me to be, even if it is as cold as Michigan sometimes but without the joys of hockey...which is a bad analogy because there is no way the Red Wings can bring joy to anyone.

Hey, look at that! Questions!

What is your favorite thing to eat in the street? 
---Churros!  Oh the joy of Peruvian Churros!!!!

Does the lake have fish in it and do people eat them? Have you ate them?
---The people in Uros eat them but nobody else, they say they are contaminated. Yes, I have eaten them and I tend to agree with the contamination assessment.

Well that about wraps it up for this shorter addition, till next week

--Elder Will Sowards
Huajsapata, Puno, Peru

ly 23, 2012

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