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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Week in Puno

June 25, 2012


Where to start with this week? I'd probably have to start with the month as a whole for the zone. We ended with only nine which isn't bad but not exactly good either but looking at how the month ended we are hoping for at least double that for July. It's a different change and a different crew here in Bellavista and we are really excited for what we'll be able to do in what's left of the change.

In the sector it was a pretty hard week, a lot of appointments that fell through and a few other difficulties but it all paid off in the end. We live with Elder Scholes and Phillips (a Peruvian though his name sounds gringo) and we do divisions all the time so we too had taught an investigator named Karina. She was what we call an eternal investigator, she went to church every week (probably more active than the vast majority of he members here in general) and just never wanted to go any further. Tuesday there was an appointment with her and she told the elders that she wanted to be baptized! It was just awesome! Elder Scholes baptized her and I confirmed her. It was so uplifting to see that the Spirit can help people when perhaps we least expect it.

Then, on Sunday, the church was almost full. I honestly have no idea how it happened, even more so with it being a holiday weekend (no idea what holiday either, I think it's one of those things like In Canada that there has to be a holiday every month). I know that for just going on during a kind of tough week the Lord has helped us a TON!

But hey, look over there! Questions!!!

What food are you craving that we eat here?
---Steak, a well-done steak.
Do you have FHE with members?
---Right now we are starting Mega-FHE to help the members learn how to do it and be excited about it, it worked really well in Abancay.
How do you knock on doors? I know where Dad served that would stand outside and clap. Bro Lake said that everyone had a gate so they would rattle it. How is it done in your mission?
---Knocking with a pen or coin, almost never with a hand.  Not entirely sure why....
Do you ever show Church DVD for contacts and if so how?
---No but we have talked about doing it, giving away DVD becaus they are so cheap but don't know whatever happened to that idea.
How often to you get to talk in church?
---About once a month, sometimes more sometimes less.
Do you ever get to bless or pass the sacrament?
---Every single week we are blessing, passing...? I don't think I've done it sense Lampa.

Think that wraps it up for this round, till next week!

---Elder Will Sowards
Huajsapata, Puno, Peru

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