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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Crazy Week!!

August 6, 2012

Hello everyone!

Hope it's all going where ever you might be because this week has been INSANE! I'm not entirely sure where to start...

Mon: A crazy race searching for two baptismal forms to send to the office. But it all ended well and some soccer was able to fix all the frustration.

Tue: Visit some people and received the news that Elder Condemarin was going to go to Cusco for two weeks so Elder Galvez can help with a mission-work themed music recital. It's a cool idea to excite members about missionary work and kick off a mini-MTC program, both I'll explain next week.

Wed: Zone Leader Meeting in Cusco, nothing special to report.

Thu: I made a little bit of a mistake Thursday and it went a bit like this.

E' Galvez: So what did you study before the mish?
Me: Journalism.
G: Cool, so what do you want to do with that?
Me: Production.
G: Have any experience with that?
Me: A bit. (Begins to tell a funny production story)
Me: (internal monologue) oh crap....

So that's how I became showrunner on the musical recital...all three of them. In Juliaca, Puno Central and Bellavista. I'm in charge of everything and my only question is, WHY IS THERE NO PERUVIAN BROADCAST RENTALS? They explained to me what they wanted and I though immediately, oh yeah! Just a two camera shoot with a switch so we can run it through the church system and g2g as Taco Bell once taught me. It turns out switches don't exist in Puno, or at least not in the three 'production' places I've gone. OH JOY!

But that I know all of this and can help is a great blessing for this activity. I'd put a tech management joke in here but I'd rather not get The rIghTeous in trouble. So here I find myself in the same position I found dad many a time and I can honestly say now at this very moment, I UNDERSTAND! and thank you so very much for all those times I had to hang around. Though my nose was in a book 99% of the time I was listening. Really, anyone under the age of...better yet if you have parents or mentors that want to teach you something at ANY age listen to them. You'll be grateful for it later.

Fri-Sun: You know what is awesome? The flu! But it wasn't that strong (thanks go to Glaxo-Smith-Klien and Merk) so we just kept on trucking.

I guess that about covers it and I'm out of time, till the next one!

---Elder Will Sowards

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