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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Great Week

June 11, 2012

Hello everyone!

Hope everything is going well for everyone out in non-MPC land because it is going pretty awesome for us here! Where to begin?

Elder Aldave is my new comp and we are working great together, we worked together before in Juliaca, Cusco, and in Bellavista last change. Elder Aldave like myself went up to ZL within the zone. He is from Lima and is going to end this change so it looks like I'm going to be here till at least September, which I am actually kind of happy about.

This week was pretty awesome and by pretty awesome I actually want EPIC! We received a golden reference from a member family and went to visit them. The parents are already members but their children, ranging from 17 to 3 years old and there are around 10 kids in that age group. Watching them walk into the church was just fantastic. They filled it up and the other members were shocked! We set the baptismal dates for June 30.

It's great to be finding people like the Escalante family and others that are very similar in that they have been prepared to receive the Gospel. And just this week we have had a few other people/families that have been that way. It is a great blessing.

Hey look! Questions! (Is it just me or are my segues getting progressively lamer?)

Does Peru celebrate Father Day? and if so how was it?
---Not really, at least from what I saw.
Did you ever get the Hockey Gloves you said you saw?
---Nope, the guy still wants 70soles and I think to keep on asking would just up the price.  $26 for a pair of fairly used gloves seems pretty expensive.
Is Peruvian toilet paper like European TP?
---If Euopean TP is basically the same as US TP then yes, if not....
Are the bathrooms like ours?
---Pretty much but the shower is electic which means it can kill you.

Think that about wraps it up here. Questions, comments, concerns? You know were to send them.

---Elder Will Sowards
Huajsapata, Puno, Peru

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