Called to the Peru Cusco Mission
Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Monday, June 11, 2012


Monday, June 11, 2012 5:30 PM

Hello everyone!

Hope it's all going well for everyone out there. This week, well, yesterday we got the changes and I don't have one but Elder Agazzani does so I guess we'll see who my new comp is, the rumor mill has yet to say anything on that one.

So this week we found some really cool people including Stefani. She was a reference from her sister who told us "I'm not really interested but I know my sister is." It was pretty awesome and when we came by to visit the next day Stefani was extremely cool and very very receptive even telling us that she wants to be baptized! So I guess we'll see how all that turns out in the next few weeks.

Guess we are on to the questions!

Do you have any sister missionary in your zone?

---Yes, one companionship.

How has the weather been?

---Warm in the days cold at nights, really cold...Once again I'm really glad I brought the sleeping bag.

It winter will Puno get ICE in the lake?

---No, alas there will not be.  The hockey awesomeness would be...well AWESOME!  However I did find hockey gloves in the cachina last Monday.  The guy wanted 70soles, my answer was, 'What are you going to do with mitts in Puno?' He didn't give me a good answer.

Will we ever get a letter(hand written) from you again?

---Yes, but not for a while because SerPost is still closed here from the riots last year.  So the next time I go to Cusco.

When you do your letter to Pres, Do you email or snail mail them to the office?

---We essentially snail mail it through the bus system here...Yeah, I know that sounds really weird but that's just how it works here.

Do you have any older missionary couples in your mission?

---No but I've heard rumors that we'll have some in a few months.

Was it cold in the lake when you did the baptism in it?

---Elder Agazzani says that it wasn't but I don't know if I believe him...might just be a macho thing....

Are there critters in the water?

---Fish and that's about it...or are you talking about tap water?  Because that stuff will kill you in Puno.

Well, guess that wraps that up. Till next week!

--Elder Will Sowards

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