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Monday, May 14, 2012


This is just going to be a quick update because I talked to the parentals yesterday, which was GREAT!  Anyways, everything is going great here in Puno and even though the Yotes lost game 1 I'm sure they can pull it out.

So let's see...what else is there to say...It really sucked that I wasn't able to talk to Grandma and John nor Bacon and the Crue but we'll have our chance soon, 199 days!!!  Yes, I got bored while my comp was talking to his family and did the count.

To Bacon and Crew:  I've been thinking and I really can't decide between goalie and defenseman I guess we'll just get out on the ice and find out what suits me and the team better.  And yes Dad I said defenseman, just to prove all the people that say d's are dumb wrong!  And could you tell me about how much we'd be looking at for gear and team costs?

Hmmm...what else to say....

I'm waiting for my comp to pass me his camera so I can upload the pictures from when we did service in the Uros this week.  We cut an island in half!  As the elders who serve there told us, when they first started visiting the island they didn't want anything to do with them and mocked them and what not but after gaining some confidence there they offered to help them divide and enlarge the island.  When we got there they were a little bit hesitant but when we started working they warmed right up and by the end were laughing righ along with us.  It was awesome and a great testament as to how great service can help the work.

Well, still waiting on the camera...think it will be next week.

till then


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