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Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Puni, Puno, Puno

May 7,  2012

Hello everyone,

Well, what can I say but the rumors were wrong, I don't find myself writing you this from beautiful Urubamba but rather from the sunny banks of Lake Titikaka!  Yes, that's right folks same city, different zone from the last time around.  This time I'm in Bellavista with Elder Agazzani as zone leaders.

Elder Agazzani is AWESOME!!! He's from Argentina, Cordoba to be exact (Tanner shout-out!) and we really get along well. The ward is...well small, 2 blocks by 5 blocks to be exact and attendance is down, like 20 in the church yesterday type of down, and yes I did say ward on the first part...But I'm mega-psyched to be here! When I left Victoria in my emergency change I felt that though my work was done in that ward it wasn't in Puno and to be back here, though it is the other zone is a HUGE blessing for me.

Anyways, I feel like doing a Weekly Rundown so here we go:

Mon: Prepped my bags for my change and said good-bye to a few people, generally a chill day.
Tues: P-Day and Change Day, found out I was going to Bellavista and were this an average week I would have been headed out here on a bus, but alas it was not!
Wed: Zone Leader Counsel with President and the assistants, I'd get into it but I don't think you all really want to hear about mission number stuff, if I'm wrong tell me and the next time we have one I'll tell more about how it is.
Thurs: We showed up in Puno around 5am, slept for a few hours, unpacked and got to work. The sector is kinda tough but we are really excited to be working here and found people to teach quite quickly, I'll get a bit more into that next week.
Fri: Interviews with president and zone conference together with Puno Central. It was a training filled week! But we came away with some great ideas to help Huajsapata, weirdest ward name ever...just for how it sounds...
Sat: Baptismal interviews and working.
Sun: Church, fast and testimony meeting, working, numbers the usual and more than anything looking forward to a normal week to be able to work in the sector the whole time.

Hey!  Look!  What's that? QUESTION TIME!!!

Honestly, sometimes I find myself questioning my own sanity...

What is your favorite Scripture right now?
--Right now I'd say 1 Nefi 17 in general.

What did you do with the Jiffey Pop?
--We popped it my last night in Cusco!

Guess that wraps it up till next week!  Till then...

---Elder Will Sowards
Huajsapata, Bellavista, Puno



(End of blog post)

GO YOTES!!!  Just to be certain you all understand me.

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