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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Neuria and a New Comp

Monday, March 28

Hello everyone!

It's been a fun week here in Cusco, my new companion Elder Uriarte, is awesome and I worked with him in Abancay where both of us were district leaders and to have him as my companion now is just AWESOME!  He's from Chiclayo which is close to Trujillo (I only mention it because the city will come up later in this email) and so far we are working great together.  Next week we are going to have one baptism and we hope to have at least three in April.  It's really great to be able to work with him again like I was able to in Abancay.

The baptism that we are going to have this week is Neuria (yes, I know, weirdish name right?) is just awesome!  She was a reference from Amos who I believe I've mentioned here and as we began to talk to her she told us her story.  About two years ago she started listening to the missionaries in Quillabamba where her sister and brother-in-law live (she told us they both are members) but had a lot of doubts and asked even more questions.  Then, a year later she talked with the missionaries in Calca and again didn't really feel anything special.  Then, Amos introduced us and something just kind of clicked and now she wants to be baptised.  It is really quite amazing that the Lord can work with us in these ways.  She didn't tell us the whole thing but I'm pretty sure that in those times she just wasn' could I put it...ready.  Or maybe it was that she just wasn't dating our new ward mission leader...I prefer to think it's the first one or both...I'd rather not be a romantic in this instance...or ever...those who were with me in English would understand...

Well!  Look what we have!  Questions!!!

Do they have the open markets in Cusco, like to Turks post on their blog in Trujillo?

---Yes they do but they stink to high heaven.

We are having liver for dinner---have you eaten any different meats-other than the cuy?

---Boiled cow intestine, nuf said.

What is the weather like there now?

---REALLY HOT!!!  We've been spending day in night in short sleeves.

Are there lots of mosquitos, etc.?

---In Cusco, No.  In Puerto, well, it's jungle...

Have you seen any wild animals---birds, etc---different than we have here?

---Not really but there were flamingo-ish things in Juliaca.

Think that about wraps it up this week.  Questions, comments, concerns...send them to management...whom in this case is not some blad guy looking to have you do his dirty work...really bad Burn Notice reference...It's been a LONG 16 months at times...especially when you start forgetting English...anyways....

--Elder Will Sowards

Tullumayo, Cusco, Peru

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