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Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Sunday, March 18, 2012

This Week from Cuzco


Well, it's another week here in Lake Woba...erm Cusco,

It has been an interesting week, we started of on Tuesday in a small town near here called Izcuchaca doing a work visit with the elders there.  It really brought me back to my times in Lampa and made me a bit sad to know that now that I'm a zone leader I probably won't be headed back to a small town like that for a LONG time, maybe I can end in one but...well I doubt that will happen, President doesn't like to drop his zl's.  Wednesday one of the sectors had a baptism and their bishop wasn't able to come so we need to go to lead it.  It was really quite cool, an awesome reference given to the elders there by their pension who helped them a lot in teaching her as well.  Thursday, planning and working in the sector.  We as well recieved another great reference from a member here and have a appointment with here tomorrow.  Friday, baptismal interviews and trying to fix the sisters broken phone.  Saturday, baptisms and a really cool open house for the new church in Villa Union.

It turned out great, about 50 investigators showed up and Villa Union even now is seeing the results with a LOT of people in the church yesterday.  It would really be a great idea anywhere with any church building at any time if it is new or not.  We plan on doing something like that once a month with one of the churches from here on out.

Yesterday Tullumayo was dedicated and within the next week the zone should have 10 baptisms (which for one week is a LOT) and we should have at least one of those.  The work is good here in Cusco.  Now QUESTIONS!!!

Have you been to any Backpacking shops and what are they like?
--Extremely expensive and understocked.  I have yet to see something Kelty or even BlackDiamond

Do you have any Sis. in you zone?
--Yes, Sisters San Fransico from Chile and Swartz from Utah

Is there any other missionaries from AZ in your mission?
--Three, Elder Hansen from Surprise, Elder Anderson from Happy Valley and Elder Denhalter from Showlow.

Well, that about does it for this week, till the next!

--Elder Will Sowards

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