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Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Realization

As I sit down to write this I realize I've hit that point, that point that comes when you realize that even though some pretty awesome stuff has happened during the week that to us sometimes it just seems normal.  An example:

On Saturday we went to visit an investigator named Jorge, he's been listing to the missionaries for a very long time and we taught him a few things but about halfway through the lesson I found myself asking, 'Would you like to see a baptism?' to which my comp gave me probably the biggest, 'Are you insane?' look ever.  But, Jorge replied, 'Sure!  When is it?' Well, we came back about an hour later to pick him up and then went to pick up an inactive member who told us that she as well wanted to come to the baptism (which I just realized I should mention was not in our sector) and when we got there it turned out they knew each other and hit it off.  So, what was just going to be a great invite to a baptism turned out to be a great opportunity for two people to both meet each other but also help each other along in their mutual problems.

Then, on Sunday, like what is becoming normal, there were some tourists in sacrament meeting and because it was the first Sunday a few got up to bear their testamony and as one, who was from Lima I think, began to talk about her grandkids I had an epiphany of the obvious that in those moments and in moments before and after for a period of 48 hours people all around the world be it in a house or a chapel would be saying similar things about their experiences and familys.  That is how the Gospel works, even though it's world wide, it works as one.  Like always, it reminds me of something from hockey, as the Yotes say, 'From all around the world, we are one pack.'  Read into that as you may.

Well that wraps it up for this week, till the next!

--Elder Will Sowards

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