Called to the Peru Cusco Mission
Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Monday, February 13, 2012

One Story, Many Question

What's up everyone!

So this week was pretty cool.  Last Sunday we recieved a reference and on Tuesday we went to visit the person.  Her name is Maribel and talked with her.  Her brother is who gave us the reference and in talking with her, well, it was awesome!  She has already read a lot of the Book of Mormon and asked us what she needed to do to be baptised.  Then, a few days later, presented us to her mom so we could teach her as well.  All thanks to a simple reference.  I know that doing something like that can, and is, extremely hard but it can help people more than we can imagine.

Anyways, questions!

What part of the city do you live in? I would love to pull it up on Google earth.
--Here is how you can find us.  In Cusco there is a big stadium near downtown, just go about 3 blocks down and you'll see a small field and we live in front of that.  Which I now realize is way less than discriptive.

Is there any Scouting program down there both in and out of the church?
--Absolutely nothing.  Which is really sad because the kids here would love it.

What had the weather been like?
--Rainy and cold.  But I have found out the the double-it and add 30 rule does work pretty well with celsius.

How many districts are there in your Zone?
--Three for right now but we have heard that they might close down a sector which could leave us with just 2.

Now that you have been in the field for about a year. That is the best thing a missionary can do to be successful?
--1) Follow the mission rules, 2) Learn HOW not what but HOW to teach and 3) Have companionship unity

Also how is your mastery of the Spanish?
--Understand everything and can say pretty much anything I need or want to say.  And I'm now at the point were I'm trying to learn a bit of Portugese because they are really similar.

Well that about does it till the next one!

---Elder Will Sowards
Tullumayo, Cusco, Peru

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