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Friday, February 24, 2012

Cold Water

Hello everyone!

Hope all is going well and that everyone passed their Alexander Ovechkin Day (otherwise known as the 14th of February) well.  This week we had a conference with Elder Waddell of the 70 and a baptism!  I'll get you the pictures next week, but with the baptism something very cool happened!  That would be a literal statement.

It started when we were kicked out of our building for the stake conference that was going on and had to go to a different building to have the baptism.  Well, we got there and there wasn't any gas and the water was...well...Lake Eirie in December ring a bell?  When Maribel entered the water with Elder Delgado she said probably some of the coolest and most telling words I have ever heard, This is cold!!!  But, whatever, I'm getting baptised.  That my friends is how to look well on a bad situation.

Well, now to questions!

How often do you talk in sacrament meeting?
--Here in Cusco about once a month, normally once every three.

Do they have all the meetings-Primary, etd?  What about YM/YW?
--Yes and Yes!

Does Peru celebrate any holidays other than the standards?
--About every concievable Catholic holiday you could possibly find in Wikipedia.

What do you love about the people in Peru?
--Even though they might have a hard time, almost everyone tries to look on the bright side!

That about does it for this week, I'm running a bit low on time thanks to a few things but yah.  Keep sending questions and I'll keep answering!

Till next week,

--Elder Will Sowards

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