Called to the Peru Cusco Mission
Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cold Water

Hello everyone!

Hope all is going well and that everyone passed their Alexander Ovechkin Day (otherwise known as the 14th of February) well.  This week we had a conference with Elder Waddell of the 70 and a baptism!  I'll get you the pictures next week, but with the baptism something very cool happened!  That would be a literal statement.

It started when we were kicked out of our building for the stake conference that was going on and had to go to a different building to have the baptism.  Well, we got there and there wasn't any gas and the water was...well...Lake Eirie in December ring a bell?  When Maribel entered the water with Elder Delgado she said probably some of the coolest and most telling words I have ever heard, This is cold!!!  But, whatever, I'm getting baptised.  That my friends is how to look well on a bad situation.

Well, now to questions!

How often do you talk in sacrament meeting?
--Here in Cusco about once a month, normally once every three.

Do they have all the meetings-Primary, etd?  What about YM/YW?
--Yes and Yes!

Does Peru celebrate any holidays other than the standards?
--About every concievable Catholic holiday you could possibly find in Wikipedia.

What do you love about the people in Peru?
--Even though they might have a hard time, almost everyone tries to look on the bright side!

That about does it for this week, I'm running a bit low on time thanks to a few things but yah.  Keep sending questions and I'll keep answering!

Till next week,

--Elder Will Sowards

Monday, February 13, 2012

Moving Questions

Well, this week was REALLY busy,

Monday: Prep misionaries who have changes

Tuesday:  P-Day, Changes, Help the new missionaries that came into the zone (only 4, but still a lot of work).  We did however have an awesome chill P-Day.

Wednesday:  Wednesday we found ourselves moving the stuff from Santiago 2 (not my Santiago but still it was closed) to Santiago 1.  We assumed it would only take about 2 hours with four people and a moving van.  It took 4 hours with really three people and a drunk driving the moving van, but that is how life sometimes is here in Peru.

Thursday:  Our first, and really only, full day to work in the sector.  We found three awesome people, one of whom is going to be baptised next week!

Friday:  Work visit with Villa Union.  We went to a small town on the outskirts of Cusco called Cachona.  IT IS AWESOME!  If it weren't for the fact that only about 400 people live there I'd love to open the sector some day.  But, 400 people is WAY to small to have an area there.

Saturday:  Izcucha had a baptism and we had to prep everything for them because they are about 45min outside of Cusco.  It turned out extremely awesome!

Sunday:  Church, Ward Council, and some more awesome visits with awesome people!  We are hoping for four baptisms before the end of the month.

This week, Elder W. Christopher Waddel of the Seventy is coming to talk to us and that should be pretty cool!  More on that next week, but till then, I'll leave you with questions!

What do you like to do on Pday?
--Play soccer, visit cool tourist stuff like the Coricancha where Elder Delgado and I went last week!  (See photos)

What is your favorite hymn is Spanish?
--88, Placentero Nos Es Trabajar

What the funnest thing you have seen on your mission?
--The honest truth, it's so disgusting you probably don't even want to know.
How many people are in your branch/ward?
--About 140 people assist in our ward each week, but there are around 200 members.

Do you just use your feet for transportation?  from what I hear, you would not want to drive there...
--More than anything yes, but if we are going a long distance then it's usually by bus.

 Are you having flooding like the Lima missions?
--Nope, but it is raining a LOT!

Well, that wraps it up for this one!  Till next week!

--Elder Will Sowards
Tullumayo, Cusco, Peru

From Mom.....Pictures to come....I cannot get them downloaded on this computer!!!

Here they are.....

One Story, Many Question

What's up everyone!

So this week was pretty cool.  Last Sunday we recieved a reference and on Tuesday we went to visit the person.  Her name is Maribel and talked with her.  Her brother is who gave us the reference and in talking with her, well, it was awesome!  She has already read a lot of the Book of Mormon and asked us what she needed to do to be baptised.  Then, a few days later, presented us to her mom so we could teach her as well.  All thanks to a simple reference.  I know that doing something like that can, and is, extremely hard but it can help people more than we can imagine.

Anyways, questions!

What part of the city do you live in? I would love to pull it up on Google earth.
--Here is how you can find us.  In Cusco there is a big stadium near downtown, just go about 3 blocks down and you'll see a small field and we live in front of that.  Which I now realize is way less than discriptive.

Is there any Scouting program down there both in and out of the church?
--Absolutely nothing.  Which is really sad because the kids here would love it.

What had the weather been like?
--Rainy and cold.  But I have found out the the double-it and add 30 rule does work pretty well with celsius.

How many districts are there in your Zone?
--Three for right now but we have heard that they might close down a sector which could leave us with just 2.

Now that you have been in the field for about a year. That is the best thing a missionary can do to be successful?
--1) Follow the mission rules, 2) Learn HOW not what but HOW to teach and 3) Have companionship unity

Also how is your mastery of the Spanish?
--Understand everything and can say pretty much anything I need or want to say.  And I'm now at the point were I'm trying to learn a bit of Portugese because they are really similar.

Well that about does it till the next one!

---Elder Will Sowards
Tullumayo, Cusco, Peru

Cops and Robbers

January 30, 2012

Hello everyone!

Hope everything is going well for everyone in the states...or in some cases Canada.  This week has been, for lack of a better word, interesting.  We really didn't have a lot of time to work in our sector because we found ourselves having to do division, fix a few issues and generally be the Zona Cusco Fixxers.  But, that doesn't mean I don't have a cool story.

I'm not sure if I've talked about Amos here but just in case I haven't this guy is one of the coolest people I have ever met.  He runs a public speaking school and has invited us to speak to some of his classes.  Well he was going to go to church this week but ended up going to jail.  Yes, you read that right.  Jail.

So it happened like this.  First, you need to know that counterfeitting currenccy is really common here so here we go.  Amos got to the church, was right outside the doors and needed to pay for his taxi with a 50sole bill (first mistake) and after handing it to the taxi driver exited the car (second mistake) and the driver changed out the real bill for a fake one.  Now comes the would-be theives mistake which was to change a NEW 50 for an OLD 50.  Well they started to argue and a cop showed up and they both ended up in jail.  Luckily for Amos one of his friends is a cop and got him out and his 50soles back.  Unluckily for the taxista he ended up in jail for a week and had to pay a 500sole fine.

A rather humourous story but at the same time sucky.  Anyways, next week we move to a new church building!  Be ready for awesome photos!

Till next week!

--Elder Will Sowards
Tullumayo, Cusco, Peru