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Monday, January 23, 2012

Photos Por Fin! (Photos at Last)

Yes, finally you are all going to get some photos!  A little of Machu Picchu, a Thanksgiving Dinner from Perù, and some baptism pics.  The quick version of the explanation for why it's been so long is that my reader stayed in Abancay and I still haven't seen it so this week I buckled up and bought a new reader.  But aside from a lack of photos, for which I apologize profusely and promise to send them every week for a bit, I haven't sent audio because the driver hasn't been working on the Windows 7 computers we've been using.  But I'm going to send them on a CD-R soon so you can all enjoy them that way.

Anyways, one of the pictures there is of me with Elder Delgado, Moises and his family.  This kid is awesome!  His mom was an inactive member that Elders Delgado and Chugden helped out.  About two weeks ago we were in their house talking a bit and his mom, Nelli, asked us if we wanted to see pictures of their baptism.  We said yes and began to look them over.  There was a picture of Nelli, of her older son Jason but nothing of Moises, so we asked her.  Umm, who baptised Moises?  To which she replied, He hasn't been.  Our jaws about hit the floor.  So, we started teaching him and the kid is smart.  I think he taught us more than we taught him and really it was a blessing to be able to help his family.

I've been thinking a bit about things happening in our misison and during my time here and I came to a realization.  Sometimes we meet obsticules to strenghthen us, to help us be better.  Sometimes it feels like maybe we are thrown to the side, that we aren't important but that is never true.  Sometimes it is in the most difficult moments that we can have the best experiences, not in that time but in what comes after.

That about does it for me this time.  Your producer is me, writer is me and person that puts these up my loving mother.

Till next time!

--Elder Will Sowards

Machu Picchu



Thanksgiving Dinner

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