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Monday, December 19, 2011

Why I Hate Conferences

 December 5, 2011

There was a time, not too long ago when I loved conferences broadcasted by satellite, they were just cool.  Then I came to Perú, or more aptly put to a country where no one has ever given training to the people that run the stuff.  On a quick side note I think in my next sector I'm going to find the guy that is in charge of that kind of stuff and train him on a P-Day or something, it's really the least I could do.

Anyways, so yesterday was the Christmas Devotional transmitted from Salt Lake and we had the opportunity to go!  We all (pretty much every missionary here) were really psyched about it and looking forward to having some Christmas cheer (and something to watch in English for those of us who are gringos).  But, when we showed up 5 minutes before showtime Elder Will Sowards had to become Producer/Showrunner/Son-of-a-son-of-a-Sailor-whose-son-is-a-video-guy and well...that just isn't fun when there are 8 other people who are acting like someone from Tech Management (for those of you who get the reference AWESOME, for those of you who don't think the Borg from Star Trek, if the borg had the minds of guinea pigs, which would be some pretty bad tasting brains).  So after about 30 minutes we found a work around and got everything working.  We only
saw about half the conference but what we saw was awesome!

And really the whole experience made me realize something, aside from the fact that when it comes to tech situations keeping my cool is extremely difficult...see previous references to guinea pigs.  But aside from that something very important.  I have really been blessed with the life I have had.  I've worked almost a year in a radio station, practically two years in public relations and a mom that taught me a lot about medical care.  I can hardly identify anything that hasn't been a benefit to me in this time here in Perú.  Even some of the skills Dylan Bacon taught me (I'll leave that to you LoneWolf).

I know this email hasn't been really mission work focused but I just wanted to tell you all how I feel and next week we'll have story time.  So till the next message, this is Will Sowards signing off.

--Elder Will Sowards

Santiago, Cusco, Perú

PS- Did you all know that Cusco loosely translates to stomach or abdomen?  Weird right?

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