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Monday, December 19, 2011

Maachu Picchu and Other Tales

A somewhat sad admission to make, it took me like 5 minutes to figure out that tales in that context is 'tales' and not 'tails'.

Anyways, today I (along with about 14 other people) went to Machu Picchu!  It was AWESOME!  Hard to believe that someone was able to build something so huge out of nothing more than rocks and sheer ingenuity.  And well...I'd love to share pictures but we came straight here from Machu and I didn't have a chance to grab what I need to pull my photos so I guess those will have to wait till next week along with pictures of Thanksgiving and other stuff and...I really need to get better with sending pictures.

On another note.  We've been working with a family for a few weeks now, teaching them and what not.  The husband, Mauricio, is from Ica where Elder Moreno is from and technically speaking everyone in the family is a member except him.  But, his wife for some odd reason isn't in the church records.  Well, about two weeks ago we found out that they aren't married (a bit of a shock with how much we
thought they were married, in the words of my mom 'You know what Thought thought?') and we began to talk with them about how they could go about doing it and could be baptised (in one case re-baptised) and receive the blessings in their lives.  Till Sunday it was going rather slowly till we came over to talk with them with our first counselor (who looks creepily like Elder Uchtdorf, just another photo I need to send).  We found ourselves hardly doing any talking as they explained the blessings they had recieved and how creat it was to have them.  We asked them to set a goal for their marraige and they told us the 30th of December!  It's truly amazing how much the members can help in the work.  I remember I didn't do it much before I left but I probably should have.  Another story for another time.

Well to everyone that isn't here right now, have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!  And I weep for Packers. 

--Elder Will Sowards

Santiago, Cusco, PerĂ¹

(End of blog post)

To all:  We have permission to use Skype to talk to our families and 40 minutes of time to talk!  So that should be awesome!  I'll be calling later this week to confirm when and what not.  So I guess we'll talk then.

Username:  willsowards

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