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Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in Peru

Good news everyone!  It is (was) Christmas in Peru this week!  And that brings a question, how is Christmas in Perú?  Oh where to begin...?

Now here is what I want you to do in order to visualize a Peruvian Christmas.

1)  Think about Thanksgiving

2)  Think about Christmas
3)  Think about New Years Eve at around midnight
4)  Now think about putting those all in a blender and hitting 'Puré'

That should give you a good idea of how Christmas is done here in Peru.  At midnigt the place goes fireworks crazy and looks like New York Harbour on New Year's Eve but sounds like Baghdad.  It's really really cool!  Anyways, we spent most of the time in our pension with the family there enjoying the night.

Okay, I'm not going to lie, I already talked about a lot of this last night with the family and well, I decided to spend more time reading emails today.

Anyways, I have a change (yes, that fast) and well sometimes that is just how life is.

This email is really sucky....

Anyways, till next week.

--Elder Will Sowards

Waiting to find out where the new sector will be.

Mom's Note.....

We spoke to Will for 45 minutes on Christmas Day.  It was great to hear his voice and how much he has matured.  The call kept cutting in and out, but we did find out what he has been up to....and that he needs new pants!!!

The call made our day!!  We next talk to him on Mother's Day....and he will be home by Christmas next year....maybe even by thanksgiving!!

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