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Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Monday, November 14, 2011

One Crazy Week

Well, where should I start.  On Tuesday I went to Cusco for training for Zone Leaders and Trainers which was pretty awesome but it's what happened the next day that wasn't quite so cool.

So, we were sitting in our zone meeting and my hands began to go numb then my face and next thing I knew I couldn't talk in English or Spanish.  Well, we went to the hospital and...I don't really remember what happened after that.  The short version is they needed to give me some fluids and other things and with some of what happened they decided it was best to just send me to Cusco.  Which meant and ambulance ride from Abancay to Cusco, just one more awesome thing I don't remember.  They did some scans and other things and everything now appears to be normal but I'm having a change to Cusco for a bit just so I'm close to the doctors just in case.  Just to reiterate, I AM FINE!  I figure it was just dehydration or something and the truth is we may never know what exactly it was.  So that's been my week in a nutshell.

Since everything that happened I have been chilling in Cusco just waiting for the changes and it's been pretty awesome.  I've been working with Elders Christensen and Whittaker and it has been AWESOME!  And helping out around the office which has just brought me back to my days working at KTAR and in Mom's office.  Mainly because the office was a mess and I decided to clean it up a bit.

So, in other news.  About two weeks ago I tried cuy (guinea pig) which is DISGUSTING, just imagine eating a rat.  And that's about what it's like.

Well...I think that about does it for this week.  I really don't have a lot to say other than I'm fine and that actually deciding to write home about that was a lot harder than you would think.  Like I don't want to worry any of you but you should know what is going on.  So that about does it.

--Elder Will Sowards
In a Cusqueñan limbo

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