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Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Monday, November 7, 2011

Of Police and More

Just to answer your question right now, No, I was not arrested.

On Friday we were doing some contacting and heard someone yell--Elders, Elders!-So we turned around to see who it was and I found myself face to face with a member I'd met in Andahuaylas.  It was a fairly cool and interesting event and was made even more so when he presented us to Alfredo, one of his best friends.  Alfredo is really awesome, he's a police officer and on the side is studying international business but what is even cooler is that he has wanted to listen to the missionaries for literally YEARS.  So, on Saturday we went to his home and taught him, and this is where it gets interesting.

As missionaries we are always practicing teaching, always.  And for that usually one missionary is an investigator, well I have an 'investigator' that I like to use, a mix of a few people I know (both members and not) and Alfredo was almost the same as this imaginary person.  Seriously almost EXACTLY the same which kind of weirded me out.  Well, we challenged him to baptism and he accepted.  It was just really cool that we could help him out that way.

We also taught a few other really cool people this week that I'll talk about next week because I'm running out of time but, I leave you with this.  An audio recording!

--Elder Will Sowards

Patibamba, Abancay, Perù

Well, maybe more like next week...looks like the computer doesn't want to work with me on this one.  Which means double for next week!

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