Called to the Peru Cusco Mission
Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Monday, October 24, 2011


Well, it's been a tough week here in Abancay, to avoid getting into too much- Osbid went on vacation, three days without a new investigator and a few other items that follow that line.  Anyways, here we are, on the raggedy edge (for those who get the reference KUDOS).  So this isn't going to be a very investigator driven email, rather how Juliaca almost blinded me.
So, I'd been having some headaches, again, with my glasses and figured it was just because they have transitions lenses so I decided last week to stop by a optomistrist to see what was up.  And it went something like this.
Doc- To what line can you read (out of 12)
Me- Eight.
Doc- Hmmm...and when did you buy these?
Me- About 8 months ago.
Doc- Can I see those glasses?
(Takes a look)
Doc- Yeah, those aren't for you and have actually damaged you eyes some.
Doc- But they'll heal.
So, basically Juliaca tried to blind me with bad glasses of the wrong size for a stigmatism that I don't have.
But whatever, now I have the right glasses and everything is right in the world.  But, look!  What's that!
Q and A time!

How big is your branch?
---We have about 50 people attending every week, so for a branch a bit large.
Do they have Halloween down there and if so is it a big day?
---As far as I can tell they have it but it isn't that big.  Don't exactly know, guess we'll see in a week.
Have you gone to Machu Picchu yet?
---No, I'm waiting till June when you can see the entire face.
Please send more photos.
---I'd love to but every computer I have used here in Abancay freezes up when I plug in my adapter.
Well, that just about wraps up this report.  Till next week...
--Elder Will Sowards
Patibamba, Abancay, PerĂ¹
To all Vikings fans I know.  It's a little thing called PAYBACK.

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