Called to the Peru Cusco Mission
Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Monday, October 10, 2011


Hello all!

Elder Sowards here reporting from Abancay with some AWESOME NEWS(TM), I'm training!  His name is Elder Velarde from Santa Cruz, Bolivia (which it seems almost all the Bolivians are from there) and it has been some of the best few days of my mission.

In this time I've had some the opportunity to think back to my trainer and the things that could have been done better.  Really I still feel in a lot of ways my second companion taught me more than my trainer (well, between him and Elder Whitton) and because of that I want to focus so much on being 120% obedient 180% of the time.  I remember I picked up a few bad habits from my trainer that I had to change with Elder Sanchez and doing so wasn't exactly easy just because I was under the impression that the mission was like that, nothing more.  Now I find myself in the same basic position as the first time but in reverse.  Anything I do Elder Velarde will take as the norm in the mission and for that I need to do the best that I can.

Our first day was spent contacting and we had some awesome success (which I will talk more about next week) but were I'm trying to go with this is that we have made a good start, and I hope to keep it up.  Sometimes being that example isn't easy, like I said it requires changes by both parties but I know we can do it.

Well, I'm running down on time and will write more next week.

From Patibamba I,

---Elder Will Sowards

Abancay, Apurimac, Perù

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