Called to the Peru Cusco Mission
Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Monday, October 24, 2011

Can You find Will??

I stole this from Elder Boucher's blog.... Thanks, Elder!!!


Well, it's been a tough week here in Abancay, to avoid getting into too much- Osbid went on vacation, three days without a new investigator and a few other items that follow that line.  Anyways, here we are, on the raggedy edge (for those who get the reference KUDOS).  So this isn't going to be a very investigator driven email, rather how Juliaca almost blinded me.
So, I'd been having some headaches, again, with my glasses and figured it was just because they have transitions lenses so I decided last week to stop by a optomistrist to see what was up.  And it went something like this.
Doc- To what line can you read (out of 12)
Me- Eight.
Doc- Hmmm...and when did you buy these?
Me- About 8 months ago.
Doc- Can I see those glasses?
(Takes a look)
Doc- Yeah, those aren't for you and have actually damaged you eyes some.
Doc- But they'll heal.
So, basically Juliaca tried to blind me with bad glasses of the wrong size for a stigmatism that I don't have.
But whatever, now I have the right glasses and everything is right in the world.  But, look!  What's that!
Q and A time!

How big is your branch?
---We have about 50 people attending every week, so for a branch a bit large.
Do they have Halloween down there and if so is it a big day?
---As far as I can tell they have it but it isn't that big.  Don't exactly know, guess we'll see in a week.
Have you gone to Machu Picchu yet?
---No, I'm waiting till June when you can see the entire face.
Please send more photos.
---I'd love to but every computer I have used here in Abancay freezes up when I plug in my adapter.
Well, that just about wraps up this report.  Till next week...
--Elder Will Sowards
Patibamba, Abancay, Perù
To all Vikings fans I know.  It's a little thing called PAYBACK.

The Blessing of the Blog!!!

When Will left for his  mission, we began this blog.  He was against it and told me and told me that I am only to blog what he says.  Every week, he sends his weekly email with the title for this week's post.  He then types (Start blog here) and he types what you see every week.  He then types (End blog here), after which he types whatever he needs to tell us individually.  

Mom's will boys(or girls) on missions try to read each the blogs to see what is happening with their kids.  There is a list serve, where many moms help each other with everything from getting the kids ready to go, overcoming our sadness at the kids leaving, sending packages the best way, and generally supporting each other.  One day, I looked at Will's blog for comments, and I read this about one of his posts:
It does actually concern me!! :) I am not sure who posts to this blog, but I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. E. Sowards is so articulate and funny. My son E. Eggleston has never been very descriptive in his writings so I have relied on this blog to give me my "Peru fix". I hope to see E. Sowards when I visit Abancay in 3 weeks and I will give him a hug from his mother. What a ride it has been. 

This was from one of the mission moms.  I kind of forgot about this, until yesterday, when Debby signed off of  the mission mom' site, as they went to Peru to pick up her son.  I emailed her and asked if she was able to see Will.   Here is the response:

Yes I did!  What a cutie.  I also gave him a big hug.  for you and for me. (some missionaries were hesitant to hug me. Not your son though!!)   I think I told you I just love that you post his letters.  My son never really got into too much detail when he emailed us.  I have truly enjoyed his letters not only because he is just a good writer but because he tells details.  I will continue to read them.

I told your son how much I enjoyed his letters.  He said sometimes he doesn't know what to write.  I told him to just give details even if he thinks they are nothing.  They are sooo interesting to us back in the states.  He said he would.  :)  Your son was smiling and he seems to be doing well.  My son is jealous of him because I told my son that I loved his letters.  Of course it was all in fun.  My son really loves your son and said he enjoyed working in his zone.  Elder Sowards is a great missionary!!

take care Vicki,

Debby  matter where your son or daughter is, it is still a small world!!  This email made my day and year!!  I know we will see Will in a little over a year and I know that another mom has expressed my love to him through her hug!!  I hope this blog is that hug to other mom's!! Will loves to write, so it is me or us giving to you!!  Remember this blog, when one day he is the Pulitzer prize winner----he is a journalism major!!!

The use of the internet has allowed us to have such great communication with Will and those he comes in contact with.  I cannot imagine this journey without it!!  

Madre (AKA Vicki)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week Too

So this week was a little bit less eventful than the last that was till Sunday.  Almost all week we were working our butts off trying to find new people and helping those we had to progress but when Sunday morning came around we only had one out of a possible 7 in the church.  We were both down a bit not knowing what we might have done wrong when a member family walked in with an uncle who had just moved to Abancay.  Samuel, 25, and awesome was introduced to us on Friday but we hadn't had the chance to visit him but he still came to church with his family.  It was such a blessing, and I'm still amazed it happened.
We are still teaching Osbid, whom I believe I already told you all about.  Anyways, he's progressing and will get baptised this week.
Elder Velarde is doing great and we are really getting things done here and helping the branch to progress.  I can honestly say I have never had this much fun and spiritual experiences during the mission.
And now to question time!
What the weather been like? Does is rain much?
--So far, not a lot but it will be coming in November.

Your in the Spring heading into summer right, what's Spring time like in the Andes?
--Well, here in Abancay HOT!

Have you eaten goat or guinea pig?
--Not yet, but we have plans!

Have you read all the standard works yet?
--No, I hit Isaiah realized that there is a lot in the Old Testament that wouldn't help me alot and left it there for now.  But I'm sure I will before I end, OT is all I have left.

Awesome!  So that about wraps this up.  Elder Boucher and I went to buy him some shoes so were kind of here alone now...Yes, why are you looking so intently at what I's because I'm talking about you isn't it.  Anyways, I'm going to go now.  And GO YOTES!
---Elder Will Sowards
Patibamba, Abancay, Perú

Monday, October 10, 2011


Hello all!

Elder Sowards here reporting from Abancay with some AWESOME NEWS(TM), I'm training!  His name is Elder Velarde from Santa Cruz, Bolivia (which it seems almost all the Bolivians are from there) and it has been some of the best few days of my mission.

In this time I've had some the opportunity to think back to my trainer and the things that could have been done better.  Really I still feel in a lot of ways my second companion taught me more than my trainer (well, between him and Elder Whitton) and because of that I want to focus so much on being 120% obedient 180% of the time.  I remember I picked up a few bad habits from my trainer that I had to change with Elder Sanchez and doing so wasn't exactly easy just because I was under the impression that the mission was like that, nothing more.  Now I find myself in the same basic position as the first time but in reverse.  Anything I do Elder Velarde will take as the norm in the mission and for that I need to do the best that I can.

Our first day was spent contacting and we had some awesome success (which I will talk more about next week) but were I'm trying to go with this is that we have made a good start, and I hope to keep it up.  Sometimes being that example isn't easy, like I said it requires changes by both parties but I know we can do it.

Well, I'm running down on time and will write more next week.

From Patibamba I,

---Elder Will Sowards

Abancay, Apurimac, Perù

Show Running


So, I assume you all know that I love show running, whether it is running camera on a charity event or producing for the NUMBER 1 RADIO SHOW IN ARIZONA, Yeah that's to you Mac and the Cat, I just love it.  But, I prefer it when I have an option and don't find myself forced into it.  Which is exactly what happened on Saturday...

Anyways, so we show up at the church building at 10, expecting everything to be ready and well...nothing was.  Luckily I have a father that made me come with him to set up for General Conference even though I much would have prefered playing some Modern Warfare 2 (to which I might add all of you who are currently playing 3, YOU CAN FLY!).  So nothing is set up and we ended up waiting 15minutes till anyone showed up and they didn't know how to do anything.  See previous statement about my dad.

After about another 10minutes I had everything up and running and suddenly found myself with an unexpected task, showrunner in Abancay for the 181st Annual General Conference provided by my old boss Bonneville Communications.  But I'll get back to conference in a second.

So this is also change week, and I don't have a change but Elder Carbo does.  What this means?  Maybe I'll finally have a kid!

Now back to conference, and that was really Jack Keroac...or however you spell his name...There is nothing better for a missionary than conference...well success and having the Spirit but aside from those things nothing...well let's just say not much...Anyways back to my main point, CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME!  I loved every minute of it!  From start to finish, even though I missed some (and plan on fixing that) it was AWESOME!  A few favorite moments-

--Elder Holland's talk, which I like to call The Call to Arms
--President Monson's story about the 5dollar bill
--And Elder Bednar's talk which is something I have been saying since I read Teaching of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Well, that about wraps it up.  If you have questions, you know where to sent them.  And next week is probably going to be all questions because, well, change week doesn't leave a lot.  Till next week.

--Elder Will Sowards
Patibamba, Abancay, Perù