Called to the Peru Cusco Mission
Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hi all,
So now that I have found out that Adrian Accoin loves me I can die happy...not that I'm planning on dying anytime soon...
Anyways...So a few weeks ago I told you all about Raul the really cool guy that we found, well he kind of blew us off and told us he would call us when we could come vist...which to be honest 90% of the time means, ' was cool and all but I'm not that interested.'  Well, we were a little down about that but stuff happens right.  Tuesday comes and we went contacting after an appointment fell through.  We met a guy named Rafeal who was pretty cool, a nurse who works in one of the hospitals here.  Well we got a time with him and came back the next day.
As it turned out he had gotten his schedule wrong and had to work during that time the next day and we met his daughter Jennifer.  She is about 25 or 26 but is like the female version of Raul.  She has travelled all around the world and is really receptive to what we have to say.
It was just really cool to see how we were helped.  We had this guy that seemed awesome but for his own decision chose a different path and then the Lord put Rafeal and his family here for us.  I just can't describe how awesome that realization made me feel.
Well, that's my story for this week, short though it is.  Questions, comments, concerns, email me.  And if you happen to know how to keep mosquitos and this things that look like mini-flies but bite away, please tell me.
From what has turned into a mosquito haven, yet the coolest mosquito haven since Philmont...
--Elder Will Sowards
Abancay, Peru

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