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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Radiomen and Angel Faces

Hello for the second time after my computer decided to stop liking me and start being annoying and shut down, but whatever this is why we love Google for saving at least a bit of it.

Anyways so I'm going to jump right into story time.  On Tuesday night we didn't have any appointments so we went tracking and after about four houses with nobody we finally found one that looked a little promising and...nothing.  After about 10minutes of the same we knocked a door and a man of about 50 answered with a bible in his hands, immediate reaction 'Oh no, what have we gotten ourselves into...' but all he did was ask us, 'Are you missionaries?'  'Yes,' we answered a bit taken aback, 'Then come on in, I want to talk to you.'  His name is Manuel and he told us everything that has been going on in his life, his wife basically left him after his business flopped and his dad has a bad case of prostate cancer and that is why he is here in Abancay, trying to help his dad out.  What was even a bit cooler was that he was a bit cold to us and I felt that I should drop something about radio and it turns out he has a show here on one of the radio stations and when I explained a bit he really opened up to us.  He has a baptismal date for the 24th and he wants us to talk to his dad so we'll see how that goes.

A few days later, I think it was Thursday if I remember right...we had another appointment with Manuel but when we arrived nobody was home so we knocked a few door around his house.  At one Raul answered.  Now what you need to do to understand this is imagine how Raul looks.  He is 28 and RIPPED, we are talking boxer of UFC fighter type of ripped.  And the conversation when he answered was about like this.

Raul: You're Mormons right?
Us:  Yes, have you ever...
Raul:  You have 2 minutes, impress me.  And just know I don't believe in organized religion.
We explained a bit about how Christ created one church not so that we'd just go to it but to help us have support in our lives.
Raul:  I'm mildly convinced and interested.  Come in.

This guy is a RIOT!  I've never had so much fun teaching anyone, we have another appointment with him and his family tomorrow, but we are going to pass by tonight to invite them to a Family Home Evening we are having.  And on the angel-faces.  So, we invited Raul to pray to close the lesson and when he did he said something which I find awesome and mildly funny.  'And Lord, thank you for sending me this missionaries who have taught me a lot I didn't know, you know I was about to tell them to leave but then I saw their angel-faces and couldn't help but let them in.'  Just remember what I said about how Raul looks and then you'll feel the same.

Now don't misunderstand me here but I love Abancay, the people are so open and willing to listen which is a bit of a relief from Puno.  Now that is what I'm going to explain.  The people in Puno aren't as open because it is a part of the culture there, to really progress in the work one HAS to work with members otherwise it's pretty tough but those people are almost sure to progress.  Here it the people are very open to listen but sometimes only want to listen once and then, 'Yeah, thanks but this isn't for me.'  Neither is better than the other just different.

Well, I'm running low on time.  I'll save questions for next week.  Till then...

---Elder Will Sowards
Pantibamba, Abancay, PerĂ¹

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  1. it does actually concern me!! :) I am not sure who posts to this blog, but I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. E. Sowards is so articulate and funny. My son E. Eggleston has never been very descriptive in his writings so I have relied on this blog to give me my "Peru fix". I hope to see E. Sowards when I visit Abancay in 3 weeks and I will give him a hug from his mother. What a ride it has been.