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Friday, September 9, 2011

A Note to All

 )this should have gone before the last post....Mom is derelict in her duties!!)

Okay, so if you want to put this up as a blog post you can, but well, that’s kind of up to you.  I’m not very excited about it.  So, where to begin?  Remember the waterfalls?  Well, we went up there as a zone (or almost all of a zone a few people stayed behind for one reason or other) and during this hike (at times a mountain climb) a rock about 7inches long fell.  Much to my anger and soon to be dismay nobody said OJO or CUIDADO or even the one gringo LOOK OUT or HEADS UP or DUCK, nothing and said rock decided to fall on top of my left foot.  Normally this would not be a problem; it hurt for about 15minutes but after everything normal.

Skip forward to Wednesday of last week.  We, Elder Aguilar and I, were walking to an appointment with a guy that is really cool, he and his well…esposa, which is basically a term for not-married 90% of the time; they accepted a baptismal date and everything.  The Spirit was so strong in the lesson we could see that it touched his and his wife’s hearts and they were 100% wanting more.  Anyways, I degress, as we were leaving my foot began to hurt a bit and I thought, Oh, it’s my left foot and it’s a little cold, surely it is just my old fracture from track. I was wrong.  Thursday was tough, my foot hurt fairly badly but in standard son-of-Mom fashion I didn’t say anything to anyone and kept going as normal.  And that is when Friday decided to smack me in the face.

I woke up on Friday and could barely walk; we called up the ZL’s and went to go see a doctor at the hospital here.  The guy was a total fool so we went and talked to the doctor who happens to be our neighbor and he looked at my foot and said he figured it was broken but didn’t know so we went to get an X-Ray he read it and I have a break a bit below my middle toe on my left foot.  The problem is that toe takes on a lot of weight so it causes pain in the entire foot.  We are going to go see a specialist today like he told us we should and we’ll see what happens.

Basically, as he explained it my break sound like the one Mom had about 2-year-ago when it was nothing and then one day kind of snapped because she was still using it.  The doc said it will probably call for a week of keeping off of it but I’m going to see if I can’t get crutches and still work.  We’ll see what the doctor says but I have hope that it’ll all turn out well.

When we called Hermana Calderon on Saturday we found out I was going to have a change to Abancay, a city near hear that is WAY bigger but now that might not happen, like I said we’ll see with the doctor today.  Don’t be worried, everything is fine here.  If it weren’t I probably wouldn’t be writing this as I am, so…yea.  That’s been my week.

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