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Monday, August 8, 2011

And Now, Not in Puno....

So…Tuesday we were sitting in the church building waiting for a meeting with some leaders to start when our phone went off.  No, we don’t have a cell we had just gone to try to get it fixed and were told that it couldn’t be.  Anyways, the call came from Elder Huntsman, one of the assistants to the president, and what did he say?  That I, Elder Sowards, have an emergency change.  Well, that about rocked my week but this my friends was not the end.  He told us we would have details the next day.
Well about 9:30am the next day we get a call from the zone leaders there in Puno, my change is to Andahuylas and I’m going to go up to district leader, needless to say I was rather surprised.  And on Friday I finally got here after an 8hour bus ride to Cusco and then a 13hour bus ride to my new zone.  It’s pretty cool here; I’ll send pics next week, but think northern New Mexico or southern Colorado but in Peru.
My companion is Elder Aguilar, the ‘son’ of Elder Christensen both of whom were with me in Juliaca so we already kind of know each other and are getting along great.  He is from Chiclayou in northern Peru and all of his family is members.
Saying goodbye to Monterrosso was pretty hard, we’d gotten close in the very short time we were together and I just hope I can be in the change meeting when he heads back to Guatamala.  But having this opportunity here in Andahuylas is pretty awesome.  The zone was kind of messed up by missionaries who were here and did some very dumb things but everyone here now is dead set on turning it around and having a zone of excellence like Juliaca was.
District leader and senor comp is different as well, even though with both Elders Sanchez and Monterrosso we working equally and I was able to learn a lot about district leading and being senior comp it’s been a bit of a change that has taken some getting used to.
Well, I’m running out of time and I’ll save the questions of this week for the next.  So, hasta la proxima!
--Elder Will Sowards
San Jeronimo II, Andahuylas, Apurimac, Perú

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