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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Walk by the Lake

Firstly, an apology, the 'net here is really slow today so I can't send pics.  Hopefully next week.

Anyways a story from the field.

Thursday we had planned to do service in the afternoon for a member helping him to move bags of sand (they turned out to weigh more than us, 80 kilos or 160lbs each) but that wasn't till 3pm so in the time we had between lunch and that we went contacting by the lake, most people have plazas in there sectors, we have one of the largest lakes in the world.  I think we won on that one.  Anyways, after talking to a few people I approached this man that was looking out at the lake and we began to talk.  In what was somewhat surprising he turned out to be mildly drunk and we talked to him as best we could, inviting him to the church and trying to help him a bit (he said he wanted to change from drinking).  We left him a pamphlet on the Word of Wisdom and told him we would come see him that next night.  Now skip forward about two hours.

After having moved about 20bags each we were then putting sand into the bags so that two other guys would move them inside and our friend from the lake showed up.  He was much more sober and we began to talk with him again.  As it turned out his name was Raul not Paolo like we thought and he began to tell us why he was there.  When we walked up to him he was contemplating going somewhere and killing himself because of some things that had happened (he didn't tell us what) but that thanks to us he was back on the wagon of life.  Elder Montorrosso and I couldn't believe it!  We had literally saved this guys life.  We have an appointment with him tomorrow and it should be interesting.

It's just awesome to see what good we can do if we try here, and how much the Gospel can help people.  Maybe it was just that we talked to him, but I believe it was more that he saw that through a God that loves him Raul had another way out of his problems.

So, on a bit of a lighter note, Q&A Time!

How big is the ward you are serving in?

---Victoria has about 100 active members which for a ward here is HUGE, normally it's only about 70-80 active members.

Do you see other missionary more now?

---Yes, with much more frequency, like almost every day.

What time does your ward meet?

Who does you laundry and how does that work?

---We have our bag of dirty clothes which, here in Puno, is picked up by a laundramat ran by members...I think that the word is laundramat, I don't remember and there isn't a gringo near me right now to ask.

How do you get your "allowance" every month?  How much is it?

---We have a credit card which at the beginning of each month gets loaded up with the funds for our pension, cuarto etc. and we pay out of that.  Here in the city it is about 500soles but in Lampa it was about 580soles because we needed a larger transport fund (2.50soles each way at least 2 times a week adds up fast).

Since this area is larger in active members, do you eat with the members?

---No, at least not yet...

And that about wraps it up.  Questions, comments, concerns, you know where to send them.  And feel free to do so.

Till next week,

--Elder Will Sowards

La Victoria, Puno, Puno

Snail Mail:
Elder Will Sowards
Jeron Ricardo Palm
Manzana A Lote 2 4to Piso
Urb. Santa Monica
Cusco, Perù

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