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Monday, July 18, 2011

Puno.....Just Puno

Well, it would seem the Lord has a funny sense of humour.  Why?  Three guesses what the name of my new area is...

No.  No.  and No.

I am now living and working in an area named La Victoria.  Yes, I really need to find a shirt for Mom with this one.

My new companion is Elder Montorroso, who is practically our neighbor there in Arizona...well except for the fact that we have Mexico between us.  He lives about 2hours away from the Mexican border in Guatamala and is awesome!  Immediately we hit it off and it has just been awesome fun working together here and with the ward.

Yes, I said ward.  It is so cool, and frankly a bit weird after working in a town with only about 15 members, to  have the chance to work with a ward in an area here in Puno.  Yes, I am in Puno near the center and about well a 5minute walk away from Lake Titicaca.  Not only that but everything is way closer now, for example our zone meetings are now only a 10minute walk from the room not a 45minute drive and 15minutes by moto-taxi.  I'll save the stories for next week because I'm running a bit low on time but suffice it to say that La Victoria is AWESOME.  And with a name like that why wouldn't it be.

Which leads me to the Q&A time:

Is it warmer or colder there?
---Well, it's about equal during the day but at night warmer, but that could be because I'm no longer living on the second floor of an adobe building with a whole-filled wooden floor.

How is your area?
---About equal to the size of Lampa, yes it was that small.

How is your room?
---Pictures to come next week of the room and a few other things.

How did you get there and how long did it take?
---It took about an hour to get here and we came by combi (think mini-bus)

Are you going to post pictures?
---Next week, and this time I mean it.

Do they eat the same types of foods there that you ate in Lampa?
---Almost 100% the same but we now have a real pension not just a restaurant (even though El Tambo was awesome!) a bit more well home-y.

Was it sad to leave Limpa?
---A bit after 6 months in a spot you grow some connections.

Well that about does it for this week.  Question, comment, concern, you know where to send them.  To come next week, photos of the room, and of the Puma...but it looks like a warthog...for those who get it, props are given.

Till next week,

Elder Will Sowards
La Victoria, Puno, Puno

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