Called to the Peru Cusco Mission
Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back in the Lamp

June 13, 2011

I’m now back here in Juliaca, where during the last two weeks something catastrophic in the atmosphere must have happened because it is COLD like Canada cold.  We could possibly play hockey on the ice that is in the river in Lampa (pictures to come next week my camera is in Lampa, sorry).

Because I’m running a bit low on time and there are lots, question time!

When you were in Cusco did you go to church in a ward or a branch?
---Neither because we were only there for Election Day Sunday.
Are you keeping up your journal?
---Yes, but I’m not sure whether I want it in Spanish or English.
Do you have a family that you like to go visit and if so who are they and why?
---Not really, pretty much Alex and Hermano Estanislao a member whose daughter we are teaching.  And mostly because they are always happy and helping us with the work.
How was Cusco?  Did you enjoy it?
---Cusco was AWESOME!  I can’t wait to go back there and hopefully work in Zona Inter-Raymi (one of the zones there that covers the Central part of Cusco).  The members are great, the people are fairly receptive and the views are fantastic!  Just don’t stare at planes too long or you might fall in a three foot deep hole…not that something along those lines happened…
Did you eat at McDonalds, or anywhere American?
---Yes, I ate in MickeyD’s and it was AMAZING!  I have never eaten a Big Mac that tasted so good!
Do you want to continue in the rural areas, or do you like the city better?
---I honestly prefer city just because the areas are larger with more people to teach and members to help but the tranquility (can’t believe I remember that word) is really nice.
Where is the pic of you in your glasses?
---Like I said I forgot the camera, next week I promise!
Will you have to go back to Cusco around July28 when the new president begins?
---We don’t know how all of that is going to work yet, but hopefully not.  But we are going to go to Puno for the 4th to celebrate with all the gringos there.
Since they added more elders, do you think you will stay for another transfer?
---I honestly don’t know but after 6 months in Lampa, though I love it, I want to experience somewhere different.

Well thanks for the letters and support!  We’ll talk next week but till then I’ll just leave you with contact information and Taps for the contract of Mr. Ilya Bryzgolov, we are going to miss you Mr. Bryzzy.  And I still touched your glove that game.

Snail Mail:
Elder Will Sowards
Jeron Ricardo Palm
Manzana A Lote 2 4to Piso
Urb. Santa Monica
Cusco, PerĂ¹

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Six Days in Cusco

Well, this is different because this week I’m writing from CUSCO!  No, I haven’t had a change but because of some rather sketch stuff has been happening in Puno and all the gringos got pulled out.  We’ve been here since Wednesday and we’ve been told that we might go back today but we kind of doubt it.
But it’s been awesome here I’ve been working with Elders Bush (the noob in Lampa), Graham (a District Leader in Cusco) and Arce (a noob from Bolivia) and we have been doing it great.
Well, I’m running out of time so look!  Questions!
Where does the new set of elders live?  Do they eat with Alex too?
--I’ll send pictures when we get back to Lampa…so hopefully the next week.

When you go to the grocery store, is it like our Fry's?
--Basically it’s like the Super-Fry’s…whatever those are really called.

Did you catch the big trout or did somebody else and how did you/they do it?
--Somebody else and using a net which was kind of cool.

Did you eat the trout?
--No, but I would gladly have done so.

Did you have to teach them how to properly clean the trout?
--No, we weren’t around long enough to find out how they were going to do it.

So that about does it for this week, if you want to reach me you can email me at or by snail mail at:
Elder Will Sowards
Jeron Ricardo Palm
Manzana A Lote 2 4to Piso
Urb. Santa Monica
Cusco, PerĂ¹

If you want to know anything just ask and if you would like a letter feel free to send me your address to do so.

Well that about does it, writing in as a partial refugee in Cusco,
--Elder Will Sowards
San Sebastian, Cusco, Peru