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Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Now With Fotos

And no, that is Spanish, not a misspelling.  Well, not a lot happened this week, but now we have pictures!  I’ve been told that I’m almost guaranteed to have a change so soon it won’t be a message from Juliaca but from Puerto Maldonado (or at least one can hope that is the case).  As you can see in the pictures we discovered that there is fishing in the River in Lampa, that green really is Elder Christensen’s color and that not all of Juliaca looks like some kind of combination of East LA and Mogadishu.  But I’m running out of time so here are the answers to your burning questions!

What model camera did you get?
---A Leica Lux 3
When can we see photos from it?
---That would be them right there.
With winter coming are you staying warm?
---Sleeping bags, BEST INVENTIONS EVER
How cold is it getting to be?
---At nights, really friggin’ cold.  See above answer.
Does the type of food change with the season?  You know how we eat more casseroles, chili when is is cold...
---No, it stays about the same but winter is just starting so we’ll see.
Will you get to see Macchu Picchu??
---Elder Christensen and I are planning on going in June of next year because we have heard that during that time pictures are best but we’ll see.

Well, that about wraps it up for this week, thank you for all your writing and support and as always feel free to write me at or by snail mail at:

Elder Will Sowards
Jeron Ricardo Palm
Manzana A Lote 2 4to Piso
Urb. Santa Monica
Cusco, Perù

If you want to know anything just ask and if you would like a letter feel free to send me your address to do so.

Till next week, still from Juliaca but possibly in the process of moving…

--Elder Will Sowards

Elder Sanchez

Elder Christensen

A road??

Typical Homes

Check out all those tin roofs....Imagine the noise in the rain!!

The streets of Limpia

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