Called to the Peru Cusco Mission
Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bait and Switch

Well, you know how I was fairly certain I was going to have a change?  How on Wednesday Elder Whitton told me I was going to have a change?  How everyone thought I was going to have a change?  Well, I have six more weeks in Lampa!  Which is awesome and is with Elder Sanchez which is also cool and even cooler, they are opening Lampa 2!  So we might just switch rooms because living on the second floor of an adobe house is really cold.  But that is just sometimes how it is.

In other Lampa related news, there are REALLY BIG RAINBOWS(trout) IN LAMPA, to the point where I’m tempted to try to find a St. Croix (fishing pole) here.  And also, Alex told me that the river freezes over completely during July which brought only one word to my mind: hockey.  I think Perù might just have an Olympic team by the time I’m done here.

Well, there was something else I wanted to write about but I forgot what it was so we’ll just move on to questions!

Do you have many children in your branch and if so do you get to teach them?
---Every week we have about three people who come from Juliaca and teach the Primary and Young Adults while we teach Gospel Principles

What are the children like in your area? Are they shy or do
they come up and talk to you?
---They come and talk to us and sometimes are more receptive than the adults here which creates an issue with permission.

Do you tower above most the people in your mission?
---Yes, and it is a nice change of pace from the States where I’m about average.

So that about does it for this week, if you want to reach me you can email me at or by snail mail at

Elder Will Sowards
Jeron Ricardo Palm
Manzana A Lote 2 4to Piso
Urb. Santa Monica
Cusco, Perù

If you want to know anything just ask and if you would like a letter feel free to send me your address to do so.

Till next week, the Elder who will serve Mission Lampa (according to about three others in the zone),

Real Skeltons in a Church

Same Church

Look at that fish!!

--Elder Will Sowards
Lampa, Puno, Perù

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