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Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Monday, April 4, 2011

To Be Named Later

I would like to begin with one very disappointing fact about Perù; nobody celebrates April Fool’s Day here.  It’s almost enough to make one cry.

But aside from April Fool’s-ery not a lot happened this week.  We had a meeting in Juliaca Tuesday night and Elder Condemarin wasn’t feeling well so the day was a bit of a bust then Thursday he, along with the other district leaders and zone leaders, traveled to Cusco for training.  I worked in Lampa once again with Elder Aguilar as a kind of mini-trainer for Friday then we returned to Juliaca Saturday for Conference.

Conference was amazing, when you are a missionary you really find a way to apply every talk to yourself, an investigator (present or future) and the situations you may face.  What was fun about this Conference though was that we found ourselves, at the beginning of the Saturday Morning session watching in English (Elders Christensen, Whitton, Lowell and myself) in a small closet where all the satellite and TV-equipment for receiving the event at the building was stored.  After about an hour a TV was found and we watched in the High Counsel room but the beginning was interesting.  More to come later about conference.

Now for RadioShack time!

I'm still waiting on you to tell us about your apartment and your bipolar shower. You have any pictures of it?
--Next week I promise!  I keep on forgetting.

Do you do much tracting?
--A bit, the mission goal is 20 contacts a day and a lot of that we do in the plaza in Lampa but we will occasionally go tracting if we don’t have any appointments.

What other ways do you find investigators?
--References of investigators and members, between those and contacting we have everything.

Do you do much work with less active members?
--Normally we would but there are only 15 members in Lampa and they are all active.

You get time to do some humanitarian type activities?
--We have yet to but around Christmas Zones Juliaca, Bella Vista (outskirts of Puno) and Puno Central went to help in an orphanage.  We do some service for members and investigators in Lampa but not a lot, there isn’t that much to do in that respect there.

What are your prep days like?
--Give me two weeks and I’ll write and email about those.

Other any backpacking or mountaineering stores that you've seen?
--I have yet to see any but have heard that there is a NorthFace store in Cusco along with other assorted backpacking outlets.  I’m very much looking forward to visiting.

Have you seen any hunting or fishing stores?
--No, but I did find the Juliaca firearms-store and hope to visit it today.

How are your Scriptures holding out?  Did they get wet when you took your bike for swim?
--They are a little wrinkly from water absorption during the swim but they will survive but at this rate I might have to get a new set by the 12-month mark.

Well that about covers it for right now; questions, comments, concerns email me at (and if that gives you some problems as I've heard it has email me at and it will forward to me here).  Also, by snail mail at:

Elder Will Sowards
Jeron Ricardo Palm
Manzana A Lote 2 4to Piso
Urb. Santa Monica
Cusco, Perù

See you next week and remember to have fun!

--Elder Will Sowards
Lampa, Puno, Perù

(End of Blog Post)

Mom-  I found out the package is sitting in SurPost in Cusco waiting to be picked up so after I send a slip saying that the secretary can pick it up I’ll receive it so no worries there.  And thank you for all the DearElders; it was great to hear some news from home.

This is an example of how we get blog posts every week from Will.  At the end he adds a note to each of us.  I decided to add this, because it has bothered me for weeks. Will sent an email asking for a basketball for his pension (cook), as he is teaching kids how to play.  He looked everywhere, but here was no real BBall to be found.  My mom and John bought one, and we decided that since we were sending a box to send a BOX...It ended up being a 29 pound box with the ball, books, American treats, games....I send it for $131.35 on March 8....It cost more to mail than to put together, so I have wondered where it is.  Now I understand the four pound envelopes!! 

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