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Monday, March 21, 2011

Two, Four, Eleven

Hello All!  Once again I am writing from the downtown of the Rinconada District of Juliaca in beautiful southern Perù but this time with the shame of having forgotten to take pictures of the cuarto to send...and on a week were not a lot happened to write about I take full responsibility for the shortness of this post.
So, yesterday we had a very...interesting experience.  We discovered about last Sunday that Lampa is about twice as large as we were lead to believe (how that exactly works I don't even try to understand) but alas that is how it is.  Basically we had been working the middle of Lampa, we knew about the southern section that is across Rio Lampa (it's what everyone calls it, but I think it is actually named something else) which is pretty much homes of people who much of the year are "in campo" or working with their sheep/alpacas/evil-known-as-llamas but he north we didn't have a clue, again don't know how.  So Friday I was with Elder Aguilar, a new missionary and "hijo" (son, and missionary term for trainee) of Elder Christensen another missionary in our district, because Elder Condemarin was on an exchange with Elder Christensen (a usual thing for district leaders in order to see how the work is going in other sectors of the district).
Anyways, after a very long day of only contacting we had tracted about half of the north and all of the other side of the river (right now many people in that area are in campo so it didn't take very long).  We had appointments for Sunday and yesterday Elder Condemarin and I returned to a house in what I have just decided to call Sector South.  We arrive at the house of Nani (pronounced Nah-Ni) introduced ourselves and were invited in to teach.  As we sat down we asked if there was anyone else home whom we could talk with, she replied yes and her identical twin 4-year-old daughters joined us (Three).  Elder Condemarin introduces himself like we normally do, general info stuff to get to know someone, and I'm then about half way through when we see someone in a window behind Nani (we were sitting in a type of courtyard for the home) and ask her who it is, she replies her 15-year-old daughter, we ask if she would like to join us as well and she does (Four).
Her daughter is awesome to teach, she explains almost as well as we do what a prophet is when we ask her and when we ask some other questions which usually recieve the reply of, "...uhm...I have no idea..." she is on the ball.  We are maybe five more minutes into the lesson when we hear something behind us and there are four more people!  We invite them to join us and the do and are truely interested (Eight).  It's maybe three minutes later and we hear something else behind us, another three people!  In the end we end up teaching 11 people who are all interested and have a date to teach them again on Wednesday.
In other news from Lampa we have started teaching a shoe-repairman and his family and they are the greatest!  We are going to have a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with them tonight.  They are just amazing, we left a disc of the missionary videos that the office gave us on our first day with them and when we came back the next day to check up on them they had watched ALL of the disc!  We gave them the other two to watch and they watched those as well within a day.  It's just awesome!
Anyways, I didn't recieve any questions this week but remember you can always send them to me at (and if that gives you some problems as I've heard it has email me at and it will forward to me here.  Also, by snail mail at:
Elder Will Sowards
Jeron Ricardo Palm
Manzana A Lote 2 4to Piso
Urb. Santa Monica
Cusco, Perù
Well, thanks for reading and till next week, this has been Wait...Wait...Don't...Yeah...still not NPR.
--Elder Will Sowards
Lampa, Juliaca, Perù

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  1. Looks like fun Will! Congrats on finding some great families to teach.