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Monday, March 28, 2011

New People....New Things

Life has a funny way of deciding that it’s going to screw with you.  And by funny I mean not.  At all.

This story begins late Monday when we arrived back in Lampa, we were dropping off our stuff in the cuarto before having dinner and ran into Lex, his parents own a small store were we use the cell phone to call investigators or leaders because our landline can only be used to call other landlines.  Anyways, Lex was with his cousin Jimmy and since Elder Condemarin and I didn’t really have anything planned for the night we decided why not play RISK with them.

The game went badly.  By which I mean at the end of the first round of turns Elder Condemarin and I were pretty much out of the game, but we got an appointment with both Jimmy and Lex out of it so it all worked out in the end.

Fast-forward to Thursday, Jimmy is pumped.  Like really pumped.  He has told both Elder Condemarin and me that he wants to be a missionary and to be baptized as soon as possible.  Elder Whitten (one of the zone leaders for Juliaca who was in Lampa for an interview for baptism for an investigator) went with me to an appointment with Jimmy while Elder Condemarin and Benito met with the interviewee for a pre-interview-interview.  As the night passed and the interview occurred we kept the split as it was just for convenience and that is when I found out I had a problem.

In about August I noticed that seeing when driving in twilight was a little difficult but ignored it figuring, ahh whatever it’s probably just a dirty windshield.  Then I noticed I was having trouble reading the menu on a whiteboard in our pension that was about 10ft away and figured that was just from glare.  Then I was getting small headaches by the end of the day and figured that was simply from the work…Now I figure all that was denial.

Anyways, I tried on Elder Whitton’s glasses for a second as a bit of a joke and suddenly the world was a clear as about 18 months ago…Yeah.  So Saturday after the baptism I went to an optometrist who said, “Well, it’s…not exactly good” about my vision when I asked him after my examination.

Guess who now has glasses…or will in about 30 minutes when I go to pick them up.  That in a nutshell was the week:  new investigators and new eyes.


Does Peru go on daylight saving time?
--Thankfully, no.
Do you ever get a chance to go on splits?
--Sometimes on Sundays when we are visiting all of our investigators to remind them about Church, yes but other times no.
What are you doing for water purification?
--We have water purifying water bottles that do pretty well and drinks are pretty cheap so the occasional KolaReal (which tastes like a hybrid of Pepsi and Coke) or Pepsi to supplement the blandness of water.
Do you have mosquitoes?
--That’s the great thing at being at nearly 13,000ft. NONE.
What you do on Sunday after meeting block?
--Have lunch then get to work teaching.
Does your mission have any mission vehicles and if so to the missionaries get to drive them?
--I don’t believe so, but it’s possible.
I know this one sounds funny, but how are the sunsets?
--Pretty legit, pretty legit.
Have you noticed to the toilet when you flush it since counterclockwise?
--I have not noticed but maybe now I’ll check.
At night can you see the Southern Cross?
--…Probably…I don’t know how to find it and have yet to find a star chart here in Juliaca, maybe if I find myself in Cusco I can pick one up.

Well everyone thank you for the questions and the support, now that I look a bit more like Ira Glass if feel I can say that…and why do I keep making NPR references in these posts?  I don’t even like “This American Life” that much!  Blarg.  Anyways if you want to email me send you song requests to or by snail mail at:

Elder Will Sowards
Jeron Ricardo Palm
Manzana A Lote 2 4to Piso
Urb. Santa Monica
Cusco, Perù

Thank you once again and remember that the green fish aren’t ripe yet.

--Elder Will Sowards
Lampa, Puno, Perù

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