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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When They Said It Was COLD......

Hello all!  I am currently in Juliaca, Puno, Perù which is about an hour north of the city of Puno!  Juliaca is pretty awesome, but my sector is in Lampa about 45min west of Juliaca and is the GREATEST PLACE EVER.  Why do I say this?  Because the climate is like southern Colorado/northern New Mexico, the people are amazing nice and the food is by far some of the best in the world.  But more on that later.

The flight from Lima to Cusco was short and nice, as well as mildly disgusting to see the giant black cloud over Lima from all the pollution but as we came into land in Cusco the amount of green was truely astonishing, it was like a giant golf course but without flags and ASU alumni.  We were met at the airport by the assistants to the president and President and Hermana Calderon who took us to the mission home where we had a lunch to rival all lunches.  We were then given a little instruction, had interviews with the president then, at a meeting at a chapil nearby, told where we were going and handed off to our companions.  That´s where I learned I was going to Lampa however I didn´t meet my companion till after the 6 hour bus ride to Juliaca.

My trainer is Elder Condemarin, once again from Lima but this time Miraflores (where the pictures of Lima are from on our tour).  He´s been a member since birth and has only been out five months.  We are getting along great and the language is coming along fantastically.
However, it is a little cold here.  Like 50 in the days 20 at night and rainy, but I'm fine with it.  I'm just glad I didn't decide to dump all my cold weather gear like one of the elders in our group.

Well, we only have 45min here and can only send one email so I´m going to go but feel free to email me at and Í´ll see if I can´t answer you here on in a letter or something.

Have fun and go PACKERS!
Snow in Provo
It had to hurt to see this from the window!!
Here is where Will is       

Provo Pictures of Elder Martin (Primero Compri)

Pictures of my district in Provo

Now in Peru....

Providing Service
Elder Ramierez (Primero Latin Compi)

CCM (Peru MTC)

Exercise at the CCM

Tour of Lima Peru
Tour of Lima Peru

 More to come proximo Lunes!

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