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Monday, February 28, 2011

Marlow and the B.I.K.E.

This week was less than fun, our four baptisms fell through because the family was travelling and I came down with some kind of funky stomach crud.  I’m better now and the baptisms are on for next week so it’s all good.  But now, story time!
I remember once seeing a man without a seat on his bike about 30miles away from any major city when traveling from Phoenix to Albuquerque, I now know how that man felt.
Marlow is about an hour and a half bike ride away from Lampa and we went there to teach a family yesterday, and I thought the B.I.K.E (Because It Kills Elders) which we borrowed from our pension was going to do me in.  It was permanently stuck in third gear and for all intents and purposes didn’t have a seat.  Just look at the picture.
But it was going back that was interesting.  When Elder Condemarin decided that we were going to take a ‘shortcut’ and we ended up having to ford the river in chest deep water.  Yeah, the picture doesn’t even say all thousand words of my opinion of that move.  But so is mission life.
Now for a little Q&A, I could find all the questions that have been asked me so if you could resend them I’ll see about answering some every week.
Are you above the tree line?
--I think so, there are practically no trees and it’s almost 13-grand in altitude so I’d kind of assume.
How are you doing with the altitude?
--The first few days were a little rough but I’m fine now.  Some physical activity is a little difficult but welcome to 13,000 ft.
How large is your area?
--It is pretty much just Lampa but does extend out to some of the outlying communities like Marlowe but since we don’t have easy transportation we pretty much stay in Lampa
What food thing do you eat most and do you like it?
--Probably rice or soup, the rice I like and I’ve never really been a big fan of soup but our pension has kind of figured out that neither Elder Condemarin nor myself are fans so we have it a lot less now.
How many missionaries are there in your mission?
--I think a little north of 100 but I’m not sure.
How many mission zones are there?
--There are 9, and the z doesn’t work on this keyboard.
How is the language coming? Have you learned any of the Indian tongue yet?
--The language is coming very well, I’m pretty much fluent in understanding but speaking is a bit difficult at the moment, I just don’t have the vocabulary.  I know about two words of Quechua but I plan on refocusing my language study to it after I have a better handle on Spanish.
Thanks for all your emails and support!  Hope everything is going well state-side and have fun with Spring Training which I think should be starting soon.  If you have questions feel free to email me at!  Have fun!
The story explains it all---not the green stuff hanging off the pedal!!

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  1. Brett and I had a good laugh
    when we read this post...The Look
    on Will's face says it all!
    We love to read his letters!
    Thank you for taking the time to post them.
    What a great missionary!