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Monday, February 21, 2011

Going Native

Don't have a lot of time to write because I had a lot of emails to
catch up on but here are some photos from Saturday after the baptism
we had.  Firstly, there is me eating chicken hearts (which are
actually kind of good) then a picture of Alex (in red, he is our
pention) and his nephew who was baptised.  Alex and his esposa Nancy
are great and we are currently teaching them as well.

On questions regarding Sundays, because Lampa itself is kind of small
it is just a branch and we only have Sacrament Meeting and Sunday
School because Elder Condemarin and I are the only priesthood holders
in the branch.  It's great though, everyone knows everyone in our
small group and most of Lampa recognizes us as missionaries and seems
to be fairly comfortable with the fact.

However, comfort has been a bit hard to come by when it has been
raining a good three inches every afternoon.  Once again glad to have
a warm sleeping bag, good clothes and a roof because without those it
would be a very miserable time.

Well it's time to go, don't forget you can email me at and stay safe!

Eating Chicken Heart---Luckily Will is not a fussy eater!!
Alex in red-Will and his comp are teaching him

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  1. Will,
    You look fabulous, even eating chicken hearts!! I was so glad to see on your mom's facebook page that you have a blog. It looks like you're doing well. We're all very proud of you and pray for you. Take care.
    Wendy Broschinsky