Called to the Peru Cusco Mission
Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Monday, February 14, 2011


Buenas Dìas from Perù!

If I remember correctly today is Ovi Day, as in Number 8 Alexander
Ovi.  Being a missionary it doesn't feel right to celebrate the real
day therefore I've decided to celebrate the only date on the Phoenix
Coyotes schedule that I can remember the day they are playing the
Washington Capitols.  But aside from fake holidays as mild P-Day
distractions it has been a rather interesting week.

On Tuesday Elder Trillo and his companion visited Lampa, he opened the
area, and we went on splits.  From his visit alone we gained two
families both very excited about what we have to say.  We are teaching
them and as of now have 8 investigators with fechas (baptismal dates).

On Thursday I went to Juliaca on splits with Elder Obana (one of the
zone leaders) while his companion (Elder Whitten) was with Elder
Condemarin in Lampa for baptismal interviews.  All went well with both
and on Saturday I had my first baptism.

Most of Edwin Ticona's family are already members and he was really
excited to be baptised.  I kind of screwed up twiced when I was
baptising him, first part of his hand was out of the water and the
second time I forgot to say "Amen" but I guess everyone has a story
like that for their first time, at least that is what Elders
Condemarin and Christensen said.  But aside from that it was amazing
the Spirit that was there during the baptism.

All else is going extremely well and it's just great to be out here
doing something which, though a bit hard, is fantastic.  We are
teaching 7 progressing investigators (people we have taught more than
twice) but not many inactive members or other member lessons, mainly
because in Lampa there are only about 15 members from two families
both active.  But, in other sectors teaching inactive members is
fairly common, when I was with Elder Obana we taught an inactive
family and I have heard in Cusco proper there are some sectors where
that is more of a focus than finding new members.

Hope everyone is having fun State-side!  Happy Ovi-Day and don't
forget to throw a hat in for me when it's Stemp and not Ovi that
scores a hat-trick tonight.

Reporting from Perù, this is Elder Will Sowards pretending he is still
a journalist.

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