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Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Room, New Compi, Same CCM

Hello all from the land where it has literally not rained (or snowed)
for HUNDREDS of years.  Yes, in Lima it has been that long.  I've been
told everything here is basically sand and if it ever were to rain
more than a few sprinkles the entire place would be destroyed (let
alone what might happen with hundreds of years of air pollution
suddenly finding a downward movement).  But it is great to hear about
cold weather back in the States, I can't wait to get some of my own
(and some stars) in Cuzco.

Elder Ramirez left at 4am yesterday for Arequipa leaving me
companion-less for the few days till my new companion arrives.  As of
now I don't know who is he or where he is from but it should be a fun
and interesting experience.  But with the changes in people leaving
and more coming in we have had to change rooms (from the second floor
to the third) but otherwise it is pretty much the same.  More Spanish,
more practicing, more food you poke a few times decide to eat then
find out it is actually pretty good.

Today we have a tour of Lima that should be fun and before that
probably a little bit more football (not to be confused with futbol)
because with the natives gone we have been able to play without being
yelled at for what I am sure translates over to "Not playing a real
sport" which I suppose is only fair.  We say the same thing about

Have fun everyone and stay frosty!

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