Called to the Peru Cusco Mission
Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You mean it ISN'T 20 degrees in Lima?

Hi all!  I once again report to you from the wilds of Provo, Utah where all the snow has melted and it is now in the...I don't know probably 50's.  There was a nice little cold snap the end of last week but now in comparision it is almost unbearable.  But....
Not nearly as awesome as GOING TO LIMA, PERU ON THE 15TH!  Visas came through and last Wednesday we got travel plans for our 18 hour long adventure to the urban jungle known as Lima.  We leave SLC at 5pm have a quick transfer at LAX (probably around 30min) followed by a 14-ish hour flight to Lima.  All four of us Peru elders in our district are extremely excited to finally get to interact with real people who speak real Peruvian Spanish.
Hmm, what else is there to say.  We (Elder Martin and I) were talking earlier that there isn't really much to say in these emails because we aren't really doing anything so I guess I'll just run through a day in our MTC lives (our schedule is a bit different every day so here is just one):
6:30am- Wake Up and get ready
7:00am- Breakfast (which we usually skip because we aren't very hungry that early in the morning and grab a snack from a vending machine later)
7:30am- Class with Hermano Shelline (He is from Utah and served in Peru, he teaches us Spanish but occasionally helps us with preparing lessons and other stuff)
10:00am- Gym! (so running on an indoor track for me and two others in our district, basketball or something else for most other people)
11:00am- Shower and change
11:30am- Lunch
12:00pm- Personal Study (where we study what we want from scriptures and the Missionary Library, lately for me it has been "Jesus the Christ" and "The Book of Mormon"
1:00pm- Companion Study (where Elder Martin and I will prep for lessons or will study things to help us with teaching)
2:00pm- Language Study
4:30pm- Dinner (Too early?  We all say, "Yes!")
5:00pm- Language Study
6:30pm- Class with Hermano Duarate (an awesome teacher from El Salvador who has helped all of us a TON with the language)
9:00pm- Plan for the next day
9:30pm- Back in the Res Hall for preparing for the next day (relaxing a bit, writing in journals, showering, shaving, whatever)
10:30pm- SLEEP
So that is a day!
To close it out allow me to say:
1) Calochies (think a way more awesome danish) are amazing
2) Calochies are AMAZING
3) Krispy Kremes are also amazing!
4) Did I mention Calochies
Thank you everyone for all of the letters and packages and if you could please make sure there is a return address I would love to write you.
P.S. I've heard may to Peru has a 4 month turn around time (two there, two back) so email might be a better option, we will see how that works soon.
Thanks again and I love you all!

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  1. Elder Soward, I am a mom of a missionary already in Cusco. His name is Elder Eggleston. He is a zone leader and you may meet him. I so enjoy your informative blog! My son is great....just not a great writer.

    Happy flying and you WILL love the CCM.

    Sister Eggleston