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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Soccer is NOT Hockey

Hi all!  I once again report from the land of futbol and 80 degree Christmases. Anyway, as the heading states futbol is NOT hockey, at ALL.  I decided that playing goalie would be fun because you know I wasn´t a ´bad´ goalie on NHL 11 and that was a hockey video game so should at least be adequate at being a real futbol goalie and I was fine till I nearly took a ball to the face which was.entertaining..

It´s actually kind of like Phoenix here in Lima, the weather right now is in the low 80´s to mid-90´s and the cityscape surrounding us here at the CCM is very reminiscent of Phoenix just with a bit dirtier of a look from all the pollution.  Much of the time it is overcast here, but that cloud above us isn't made of's kind of nasty.

We aren't exactly sure what is going on for Christmas here yet but we are told it is going to be 'amazing.'. My compi for the next three weeks is Elder Ramierez from Lima, Peru.  He only speaks a little English but we are able to communicate pretty well and we like each other.  Being a native Spanish speaker, he is only here for three weeks so I'll have a new compi (probably another native) after he leaves.  I'm picking up the language fast and being basically forced to only speak Spanish makes picking up the language a little easier. Well I gotta go, because of the mail system here we are allowed to email family AND friends here so feel free to email me at Hasta lleugo!!!

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