Called to the Peru Cusco Mission
Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Have Run Out of Titles

As you can tell I've become less inventive for titles this week,
hopefully writers block can be demolished for my next dispatch.
Christmas in Perú was awesome!  We had a devotional from the CCM
President Christmas Eve and then went outside to sing Christmas songs
(which were mainly in English because the Latinos aren't big fans of
singing) while having hot chocolate and PANETONE!  Yes, they have
Panetone in Perú and it is part of a tradition.  This place was like
made for me...well with the exception of the Spanish.

Which, is actually coming very well.  Yesterday I taught a lesson in
the TRC (where we have mock teaching scenarios) entirely in Spanish
with little help from my companion on whom I will simply say these few
things:  1) Obedience is necessary and it should take the CCM
President to tell you to do something correctly.  2) Effort, it's
something that needs to be made.  3) I love my companion, but that
doesn't mean I necessarily have to like him...which is something I
never really understood till I started using it to describe my
feelings towards him at the moment.  But I only have one more week
with him so we should be good and if he is able to make a few changes
will do wonderfully.

Next week we have a tour of Lima while newbies come in to the CCM so
I'm not sure when I will be sending this (probably either Tuesday or
Thursday) hopefully after so I can tell about the wonderful city known
as Lima, Perú.  Hasta Lleugo and if my spelling and grammar are poor I
apologize, I'm starting to loose English.

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