Called to the Peru Cusco Mission
Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 1


It's my p-day so I have some time to write.  So far the MTC has been great, my companion is fantastic and our roommates (also going to the Perú Cusco mission) are just as good.  We've been doing a lot of Spanish work and the first few days were tough, no time for personal or companion study and no time for practically anything except sleep and there didn't seem to be enough of that either.  The food has been pretty normal fair with an occasional "I think my desert just blinked" moments but otherwise fine.  Today we are going to the Temple (in fact in about two hours) and that will be a good time to just let go of some of the stress of the past few days.

As it turns out pulling a few things out of my bag at the last minute was a good idea, with the books I've picked up and the realization that some of what I packed was entirely unneccessary I should be able to make weight when we leave (December 15 is the date as of now).  Among the four of us in our room I had the lightest bag so the days before we leave ought to be interesting if for no other reason than finally having some things to put in our Narnia Box (a cubbie behind our drawers which can only be accessed from the top of the dresser and is usually filled with fun and occasionally strange things for the next Elders to have the room).

I am happy to report that my last shower before leaving home was not my last warm shower for the next two years, that likely won't be till mid-January when we leave the CCM but I do miss some of the creature comforts of home, like being able to eat whenever and having a wider section of clothing than what tie am I going to wear today.

Thank you everyone for the letters and packages (the gloves Grand Ma sent have been quite helpful now that it is snowing pretty much every day) and I will write again soon.

Hasta Luego!

--Elder Will Sowards
Peru Cusco Mission
Est. Return Date:  Nov. 28, 2012 (Yes, that is a day before that year's Thanksgiving)

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