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Friday, November 19, 2010

This Makes a Mom's Heart Full

Will worked at KTAR 92.3 as an intern during the Spring semester at ASU in 2010.  After his internship, he began to fill in for various producers during the summer.  He mainly worked the 3-7PM show with Mac and Gaydos.  He loved his time there!!  As anyone who knows Will knows, he loves politics and news.  He is great investigating things on the internet. 

Wednesday, I decided to thank them for all they did for Will.  They introduced him to a whole other aspect of journalism, which he loved.  Here is the response....

Between Larry Gaydos and You
Vicki Krane Sowards November 17 at 6:22pm
For you, Mac, and Shawn...
Thanks for all you taught my son while he was working with you. I know he has really enjoyed getting to know you guys and working with you!! We dropped him at the airport today for him to begin the adventure of his life!!
Larry Gaydos November 17 at 11:55pm Report
Vicki - he's a great kid and really worked hard for us. he's got a great future in radio if he wants it. great work ethic, loyal and he hustles!

Vicki Krane Sowards November 18 at 7:51pm
Thanks!! I know he appreciated all that you guys taught him and he did talk about continuing in radio at some point when he gets home.

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