Called to the Peru Cusco Mission
Reports to the MTC November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The News of our Blizaard Exaggerated

To all those reading this memorandum, the news of our blizzard has been grossly exaggerated.  We had 6 inches of snow in the past 4 days and that has been about it.  Last Tuesday there was a "Winter Storm Advisory" which apparently means it will get to about 20 degrees and spit snow at you for about three hours.  But I digress...

To those who were wondering, because I don't think I stated it in my last dispatch, my companion, Elder Martin, is from American Fork up here in Utah and we are doing great together.  Though the first few days were kind of rough the MTC is awesome.  On Thanksgiving we heard from Elder Holland who (though I probably should have one) is now my favorite apostle to hear speak.  There is nothing quite like the spirit that those men have.  He talked about giving thanks and the Atonement of Christ and a few other topics which, for the sake of time, I'll skip over.  The food for Thanksgiving dinner was good and the kind of mini-P-Day was very nice.
Tonight we have another devotional (every Tuesday and Sunday) and the odds are on another member of the 70 (last week was Elder Per G. Malm from Finland) but I think we are going to have a current or former mission president.  So far no one has been right on any of our guesses so who knows maybe we will have President Uchdorf.

On what I guess would be a kind of side note my companion is doing much better.  Last week he was having some issues but it's all good now.  The only problem we seem to be facing is that our district leader and his companion aren't exactly getting along.  Yesterday we were studying for the TE in the hallway and returned to our classroom before we left.  Though we had been relaxing while studying Spanish trying to relax a bit before heading in the Spirit was still there and when we walked into the classroom to grab our jackets we could feel a Spirit of Contention within the dead silent room.  We are trying to figure out how to go about helping them (Elder Martin, myself and our roommates Elders Crist (Masoola[sp], Montana) and Giacolletto (pronounced Jock-o-letto; Cody, Wyoming) and are going to see what we can't do.  It is completely true, a companionship without the Spirit is the worst kind.

The more I think about it the more I realize you are right, I am going to miss this place even when we go to the Peru CCM.  Which, by the way, we found out doesn't have any 'simulation' investigators for us but rather takes you in a van drops you off somewhere in Lima then has you tract back to the CCM.  It sounds AMAZINGLY fun and a little scary but it will be nice to have some experience with actually teaching non-members not just RM's.  ....On thinking about it you probably shouldn't tell Mom about the tracting stuff there, it might freak her out.

Thank you everyone for the letters and packages they have been fantastic to have (the pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies were gone by Thanksgiving evening).  I can't wait for my 'Yotes hat, I'm pretty much the only hockey fan here and when I realized I need a hat this morning and that it was coming I was quite happy.  Gotta run!

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  1. He would be talking about hockey and the "'yotes" :) Glad to see he's doing well! I'm really jealous of the snow in Utah.
    I attempted to send him a letter on Dear Elder. But I don't trust the Internet (actually, I just don't trust my ability to correctly use it) so we'll see if it works!